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Wing Chun Kung Fu is a close-distance fighting system popularized by the late Bruce Lee. In fact, Do No Kai's founder, Shihan Riddle's first instructor, Sifu Joseph Cowles, was one of Bruce Lee's first students. Riddle has also studied with other Sifus such as Jerry Gardner, William Chung, Dan Brazitis, Ronda Bolding and Jerry Bolding.

This form of Kung Fu bears the name of the founder Yim Wing Chun and is considered one of the deadliest fighting arts in the world. When martial artists classify forms of Kung Fu, they will say such things as "monkey style is very tricky,"  "Tiger style is very powerful," "Crane style is very elegant," and "Wing Chun style is deadly."

The reason this system is so lethal is actually quite simple. Wing Chun was a woman. And women do not fight just for pleasure, they fight to survive. Wing Chun is a graceful and simple style of Kung Fu; there are only three forms and two weapons in the entire system. It was created in the Shaolin Temple to be taught quickly and simply.

NOTE: Our instructors are totally bilingual, and all retreats are taught in ENGLISH.

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