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Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple is situated a convenient half hour from the Guadalajara International Airport, in the rolling hills that look out on the largest lake in Mexico, Lake Chapala.


This traditional martial arts school was built in 1979 by three martial artists, Lonny Riddle, Cindy Paul and James Deaver, with the aim of creating a place to teach and practice authentic martial arts. "Do No Kai" means "School of a Way."

Cindy Paul, Lonny Riddle, James Deaver
Cindy Paul, Lonny Riddle, James Deaver

Martial Arts training has been ongoing at Do No Kai Temple across several generations now. For information on Shihan Riddle's lineage and profiles of his head Yudansha, click here: Bios of DNK Temple leaders

Do No Kai Yudansha 2014
Do No Kai Martial Arts Temple active leaders

Back row: Sifu Norma Lizbeth Perez, Simo Cindy Paul
Middle row: Renshi Bernabe Lazcano, Shihan Lonny Riddle,
Soke Heenan
Front row: Sensei Oscar I. Pérez Ruiz,
Kyoshi Adrian Sandoval,
Si Gung Juan Jose Cerda Velasco, Sifu Claude Lapointe

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Martial Arts Systems
Taught at Do No Kai Temple

Ju Jitsu might be considered "martial Judo," since Judo was created more as an olympic game competition than a martial art. These days, Ju Jitsu consistently proves its timeless value in self defense in every Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Jitsu (weapons art) Do No Kai teaches at least one complete form for each of the following weapons: Yawara, Keibo, Jo, Bo, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Kama, Sai, Naginata and Katana.
Wing Chun Kung Fu, an extremely effective close in style of Chinese boxing. This system of Kung Fu is just as famous for its ability to be quickly learned as it is for its deadliness.
Chi Chuan, also known as moving yoga, martial meditation and "Grand Ultimate Fist," is presently the most widely practiced form of exercise in the world. Its health benefits are legion, as are its martial applications.
Qua Chuan
, the sister system to Tai Chi Chuan, could also be considered its martial complement. A fascinating study in the superimposition of metaphysics and the physical.

Do No Kai Temple also offers customized martial arts retreats in your choice of subject, for groups or individuals. See a retreats house slideshow

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Do-No-Kai ju-jitsu class members
Do No Kai ju jitsu class members inside the dojo, 2010

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